Valentine's Day Share the Love Nominations


Nominate your favorite healthcare worker.

We will draw winners and award fantastic prizes.

Tires from Big O Tires of Seymour up to $600 value
5 Class Pass to Studio SPF
A day of Beauty from Blush and Brush Beauty Bar
Wax from Divine Feminine
Lashes and fill from Abby Gray
1 hour Massage from Mackenzie Ritchison
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2023 Share the Love Nominees

Nominee: Ally Petro
Nominated by: Brianne Miller

Ally has been in Healthcare for as long as I can remember. She recently went back to nursing school in her 50s. She was so brave and determined. She graduated in 2020. She is so genuine and such a sweetheart at work and outside of work. She deserves all the love this year. She is definitely a role model for others.

Nominee: Dr. Pam Tidd
Nominated by: Brian Tidd

Dr. Pam is a doctor who is genuine with all her patients. After moving to Seymour over 20 years ago, she continues to serve the Jackson County residents with professional respect that a small community deserves. Besides being a physician, she is Jackson County Hospice Director. Being Director, she has to make sure all her patients are comfortable as well as take the families needs into consideration during this difficult time.

Nominee: Bobbi Nowland 
Nominated by: Stephanie Strothmann

Bobbi is the type of RN you want on your side when you're not feeling well. She is bubbly, funny and just all around a good soul. I have known her since high school and she always has the most pleasant smile when you see her. When my mom was sick, she spent a very long time assuring her that things would be ok and that meant so much to me when I couldn't be with my mom. Bobbi deserves all the love WJAA and Jackson County can give her. She is a very special nurse!

 Nominee: Akaya Walker
Nominated by: Parker Adams

Akaya and I have been together for 7 years and we just recently got engaged! She is currently in nursing school at U of L and going to graduate in May. She works at Schneck Medical Center in the Emergency Room and plans to work there after she graduates from school. She has put everything she has into becoming a nurse and can't wait to start working at Schneck as an RN!

Nominee: Shawna O'Neal
Nominated by: Sheila Ortman

So proud of Shawna. Started nursing school young then had to put it on hold. Went back and finished during the COVID pandemic while raising 2 children. Works hard to balance her home life and work life but you would never know because she is always smiling.

Nominee: Chrystal Ellis
Nominated by: Shane Ellis

Chrystal is only 17, yet she is a full time student with amazing grades and also a CNA in the evenings. She's done this for over a year and is still going strong. She is a very caring and selfless person, and loved by her residents.

 Nominee: Heather Lynch
Nominated by: Joseph Lynch

Heather works on labor and delivery at crh and loves what she does.  She is very determined and continued her education to get her bachelor's degree while being the best mom she can to our 5 kids.  Always loves what she does and always wanted to be in this job and is very excited to work in her dream job she's wanted since she was a little girl.

 Nominee: Ashley Mowdy
Nominated by: Steven Mowdy

She is a mother of 8. She goes to work every third day for 24 hours and misses that time with her family to help others. When she isn't at work she is in school. She goes to school 2 days a week to becomes a paramedic to better serve her community. When she isn't at school or work she is running kids to to football or basketball or just keep the house in order. She has and always will go above and beyond to take care of people. Either her family or someone down the street that she has never meet.

Nominee: Kathy Hickman
Nominated by: David M Jones

Kathy has been a Jackson county resident for over 30 years, she's an ER nurse at the Veterans hospital in Louisville, working 12hr shifts and the 2hr drive makes her days 14 hrs long.

 Nominee: Sydney Oakes
Nominated by: Terri Stough

I would like to nominate my daughter Sydney Oakes. She is a mental health tech who recently graduated college with a degree in psychology. She is almost 23 but has accomplished so much already. Her and her boyfriend, Chancler just bought their 1st home on their own. She is 4 months pregnant with their 1st child and has 2 rescue fur babies. She works for Centerstone and goes above and beyond for her clients at the group home. She makes sure they have gifts at Christmas, takes them out to do fun activities and makes sure their well being is #1. She has had to overcome some very tough obstacles such as losing her Dad when she was still in high school. She does everything by herself for herself. She doesn't ask anyone for help. I feel she definitely deserves this award!!

 Nominee: Ashley Byrge
Nominated by: Tammy Holland

Ashley is a hard worker, great mother and loves to help others when needed

 Nominee: Teresa Dyer
Nominated by: Juanita Woodcox

Everyone knows Teresa by her nickname Bones. Bones is such a sweetheart. Bones has a huge heart and is wonderful inside out. She is always there on time and goes above and beyond to make sure her client is well taken care of. I know God is definitely smiling seeing one of his magnificent angels is happily helping others live the best life possible. Thank you so much Bones you are truly a blessing.

 Nominee: Teresa Dyer
Nominated by: Shawn McCulley

Teresa is well known in the community by her nickname "Bones".  She a wonderful healthcare worker. She does so much for her clients. She gives far more than expected. She bends over backwards to make sure they're taking care of! She is the sweetest person and deserves some recognition for what she does for everyone else. We sure are glad to have her on our team!

 Nominee: Kirsten Yates
Nominated by: Mary Booher

Kirsten is a very hard working young mother to a 6 year old son and another one due in June.  She cares compassionately about the people she takes care of and enjoys her time doing things with them and for them in their homes or travel. This young soul deserves to have something to honor her loving heart that she has after the battle she was given to fight from day one being born 11 weeks premature and being the baby girl without a chance but fought to stay with us and has blessed everyone with her smiles and loving and caring heart.

  Nominee: Cassie Hackman
Nominated by: Luke Hackman

Cassie started off as a registered nurse and worked long hard nights in the emergency room. Cassie continued working hard to further her career and education. Cassie went back to school while having a a full time job, having two kids with one being a new born. Cassie now has her masters degree and is a nurse practitioner. She has sacrificed so much time and has worked so hard. Cassie deserves this award as she continues provide exceptional health care to this great community!

  Nominee: Kathy Hickman
Nominated by: Michelle Hickman

 Kathy has worked in healthcare for a long time.  She is very compassionate to her patients and goes above and beyond for anything they might need. If anyone needed help she was always there to lend a hand. She treats everyone with respect.

  Nominee: Cassie Hackman
Nominated by: Amy Cockerham

She works tirelessly to care for everyone and will put all others needs a over her own.

Nominee: Cassie Hackman
Nominated by: Tina Theilen

She works very hard.. she's a great mom and wife ...

 Nominee: Michelle Hickman
Nominated by: Kathy Hickman

Michelle has been in the healthcare field for several years from Norton Hospital to employed by Shneck Radiology currently conquering the todays society of raising 3 kids alone

 Nominee: Cassie Hackman
Nominated by: Kevin Cockerham

Works very hard and truly cares about helping people all while raising an amazing family.

Nominee: Cassie Hackman
Nominated by: Madison Cockerham

Cassie always helps me with medical questions when I have them, day or night, she's there to talk me through it! She's a very hard worker and cares so much about everyone she meets. She's always been my biggest role model growing up and she deserves a treat this Valentine's Day!

 Nominee: Lacey Maudlin
Nominated by: Travis Hamilton

Has been working health care since she was 18yrs old and she is now 38. Never calls in. Picks other stuff up during bad weather. Trains new hires. One of the most important staff members on the floor. Keeps a calm head during emergencies. Has helped save so many life's in her career she can't even count them. Has won multiple awards in company for being a star employee and example for others

 Nominee: Ariel Delp
Nominated by: Brittany Marshall

Ariel is super dedicated towards her career! She has a true passion for being an OB nurse and I believe that shows in her willingness to go above and beyond. I’m very thankful to call her a friend, and my OB nurse!

 Nominee: Andrea Ferrer
Nominated by: Ariel Ferrer

Because she is the most passionate nurse, attending all new born in Seymour Schneck hospital, and takes care with love of all the mothers and babies under her watch

  Nominee: Andrea Ferrer
Nominated by: Mayra Hinojosa

es una persona dedicada a su trabajo y cuida muy bien de sus pacientes y muy amable

  Nominee: Andrea Ferrer
Nominated by: Rosario Jasso

She loves care mom and babies from the most intense moments of deliverying to the first time mom carry her baby.

 Nominee: Kathy Hickman
Nominated by: Jamie Ward

Kathy is a nurse working at VA Hospital.  She is unwavering in her commitment to our veterans and her giving of herself and her support to take care of each person as an individual.  Kathy takes time to get to know her patients and understand their needs so she can better care for each person as she herself would want to be cared for.  In addition to being such an awesome caregiver at work, Kathy also takes time to help with grandkids, attend the grands events and make the drive frequently to go back home and care for her aging parents! Happy Valentines Day! 

Nominee: Shelby Sitterding
Nominated by: Courtney Mcintosh

 She is the kindest young lady I know

 Nominee: Tonya Wessel
Nominated by: Roger Wessel

Yes, I am biased, but the truth is my beautiful wife has dedicated her adult life to her nursing career and will be celebrating 40 years this May!! She is a pediatric RN with IU Health, Riley Physicians in Bloomington. She works long 12-14 hour shifts and that does not include the 1 hour and 15 minute drive to and from work. She could take another position, and we've discussed it, that is closer to home and possibly higher pay, but she loves and is dedicated to the children and families she has seen from infancy through high school in her career. One of the kindest and selfless people I've ever met and I'm blessed to call her my wife.
Thank you for your consideration.
Roger Wessel

 Nominee: Briana Zink
Nominated by: Levi Horton

Bree is a hard working and never stops and I believe she deserves a good treat. She just don't care of people at work she also takes care of everyone in her life including me. She deserves the whole world.

 Nominee: Kathy Hickman
Nominated by: Sassy Hickman

I watched Kathy work hard to put herself through nursing school in the later years of her life and I see how much pride she takes in what she does. She’s worked very hard to get where she is.

Nominee:Tabitha Myers
Nominated by: Blake Meyers

Tabitha is an EMT who works for Jackson County EMS. Tabitha is hard working individual who puts forth so much time to our community and her family. She deserves this shout out because she is a caring and loving person. I couldn't think of a better person to honor for this Valentines Day contest!

Nominee: Lakyn Knichel
Nominated by: Chris Lloyd

 She works so hard for the residents at the nursing home we work at. She always comes into work with a great attitude and a smile. Our residents love her and so does all of her co workers.

Nominee: Stacy Brittain
Nominated by: Maddison Brittain

 She is my mom. She has worked very very hard in her life. She got extremely sick and almost passed away when I was a young kid but she still managed to stay in school and actually graduate and become an EMT. I think she is a great nominee, because for one she saves lives in for two she is the best mom I could ever ask for. She has always worked her butt off to support us children. She has three kids and a loving husband. We all love her so very much she is the rock in our entire family. I have no clue what I would do without her she is one of the strongest people I've ever known and she is also my best friend.

 Nominee: Jessica Wetzel
Nominated by: Jeremy Wetzel

 Jessica is a CMA at Schneck Endocrinologist office and the most caring and helpful person.  She goes above and beyond to help the patients she cares for along with her fellow co-workers.  She is the hardest working woman I know. I am so very proud to call her my wife.

Nominee: Amanda Robertson
Nominated by: Amanda Combs

Amanda is SUCH A HARD WORKER. She's great with her patients(she is a radiology tech), she works extra days and she is also an AMAZING, fun mom and wife. She barely gets any sleep and I don’t know how she does it all. She works third shift, still gets her kids to school in the morning AND picks up her youngest from Pre-K after only getting an hour or two of sleep. She deserves to be pampered for a day! 

 Nominee: Tessa Ray
Nominated by: Shawna Gray

I have stood in the background and watched this lady work her butt off to further her education as long as I have known her all while working full time, raising two young boys, building a new home and be a kick ass wife to her husband, Brad. I definitely think she deserves this.

 Nominee: Alexis Markel
Nominated by: Jennifer Mathis

While in High School she job shadowed at schneck Medical Center and Jackson Co EMS but her senior year in High School she moved to Texas with her family and while there took EMS classes she received a scholarship to the University of Arlington but before she could attend she had to give up her scholarship and come back to Indiana so she had to reestablish residency before she could go to college so first she had taken  a job working with Autistic children and now she finally got a job working for a doctor at schneck Medical Center and also helping at the urgent care when needed as a nurses assistant and now sees her dream of working her way to becoming a nurse.  She has a caring heart for those who need medical needs and  assistance that’s why I am nominating her

 Nominee: Kathy Hickman
Nominated by: Shady Ballard

Kathy goes above and beyond for her patients. Such an awesome nurse

  Nominee: Kim Bush
Nominated by: Lindsey Huddleston

Kim is always so happy and bubbly.  All of our patients love her. She treats everyone like they are family. Kim has such a big heart. She is one to always offer you a hug and and a kind word.

Nominee: Kathy Hickman
Nominated by: Becky Plummer

Very dedicated. Eats sleeps and lives nursing

Nominee: Becky Boas
Nominated by: Barb Collins

Becky is a home health nurse whom has been with schneck for over 40 yrs. She cares for my husband whom is a paraplegic and she advocates for him and his needs. She is too of the line when it comes to a caring giving out going nurse,caregiver,and friend. She deserves to be recognized for her dedication to her job and her patients. 

 Nominee:Tracey Davidson
Nominated by: Brittany Darlage

Tracey's outgoing personality and welcoming smile brings Parker Dental to life. Dental appointments can be dreadful, but Tracey's genuine personality puts patients as ease. Tracey strives to make the dental office a place patients enjoy visiting.

 Nominee: Gary Amburgey
Nominated by: Lakyn Knichel

I nominate Gary Amburgey because he is a great worker and is always hands on deck with anything at work. The residents love him and enjoy his cooking. He's an amazing boss who doesn't get appreciated like he should. So I'm nominating him to let him know how much I appreciate him and his work ethic and everything he does at work and outside of work. Keep up the good work!

Nominee: Beverly Russell
Nominated by: Ileana Brock

I have never met anyone who works harder than her and not just during her "regular" work hours. She shows up early and stays late to ensure the job gets done as well as helping as much as she can just through a phone call while on vacation.

 Nominee: Randall Banister
Nominated by: Brilyn Baniste

 Brilyn is a PA for Sneck well life she cares and listens very well some of my friends at my last job had told me how well she takes care of them. Besides all the hours she puts in at well life she is a big part of the Emmanuel Church music program where she sings and plays I'm very proud of this Christian young lady

Nominee: Amy Steffey
Nominated by: Amanda Jones

 Amy is an all around amazing person. She has such a big caring heart and she is truly a gift to our family. My son has been welcomed many times for sleepovers and fun times. Amy truly deserves to win. Happy to call her my friend for sure.

 Nominee: Susan Daniels
Nominated by: Jessica Askins

Susan Daniels deserves this nominee because she is one of the best. I mean after surgery after surgery she goes in to Lutheran community home and takes care of even more people along with her crazy family and myself included! She strives to be an amazing mother friend coworker acquaintance and stranger! She doesn't stop and she is all heart and love!!

 Nominee: Karen VonDielingen
Nominated by: Kurt Fenneberg

She answers the phone for medical questions at Family Medical Center.  She is constantly on the phone all day


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