Rock Your Prom Winners

Congrats to Landon Fritsch and Kensley Koester, they are our Rock your prom winners


Nominate A Deserving High School Senior!


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Rock Your Prom Nominees

Shaina Neeley - Brownstown Central High School

Shaina is a good friend of mine. I met her through football managing my sophomore year. Ever since I have met her she has been there for me as well as the others who were managers or have been managing. She has been there for me and the other current managers more than ever this year. She has given us all great advice when we have needed it the most. She is also very smart and helped us academically as well when we asked her. Overall, I believe Shaina is very deserving of this.

Emily Barnes - Brownstown Central High School

Emily is a bright girl with a passion for music and history. She's constantly listening to music and reading! She is always helping those who need it, with both high school and middle school! She is a cadet teacher at the middle school and teaches dances to the high school choir. Emily never gets the chance to pamper herself and she is very deserving of the treatment this contest offers. I hope she wins so she can get the well-deserved prize! 

Kalee Borden - Brownstown Central High School

She is a hard working student, but also shows her work outside of the classroom. She is a major participant in extra curricular activities and the community. Kalee is an active e member of National Honor Society, Booster Club, Letterman's Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Basketball, and Volleyball. She deserves the recognition for all the hard work she has put in throughout her four years of high school. 

Morgan Womack - Crothersville Jr./Sr. High School

If you have ever attended a Crothersville game you will see Morgan dancing around and getting the crowd going as our favorite Tiger! She works hard as a student and equally as hard as an athlete.

Aleia Findley - Seymour High School

Aleia has worked hard in school to keep her grades up. She is giving of her time and volunteer hours to provide childcare at church. She also participates with the unified track team at SHS to help other students that need a little extra guidance. She enjoys being a part of the choral department at school as well as volunteering to help her teachers or wherever she is needed. She has tremendous leadership skills that are a strong quality in a lot of situations.

She's outgoing, smart, and funny. Has a kind heart and loves her family and friends.

Caitlin Thomasma - Seymour High School

I would like to nominate Caitlin Thomasma for the 96.3 Rock my Prom Contest. If anyone deserves an amazing night at Prom, it would Caitlin. I've never met a young person with her heart and drive for success in everything that she does! She is attending her final year at Seymour High School and is planning to attend college majoring in social work. She would like to be a elementary school social worker which is something I believe is going to take a lot of courage and strength knowing the issues that our current society faces each day. Caitlin has two very loving and supportive parents, Alisha and Pieter Thomasma.

I have had the privilege of getting to know Caitlin through leading the Cortland Crushers 4-H Club. Caitlin has been our club Treasurer for several years. She has spent many hours attending the club meetings and events. Caitlin leads the youth of our club by providing the financial reports, hosting activities, and ensuring the kids are on their best behaviors. Caitlin also invests her time into her 4-H projects such as foods and child development, and has volunteered as a 4-H Summer Camp counselor.

Besides 4-H, Caitlin knows how to stay busy. She currently works as a gymnastics instructor and worked at Girls inc during the summer.

Caitlin has stayed active by participating in cross country, gymnastics and track throughout High School. She earned hardest worker award for gymnastics and has lettered all 4 years. This year, in cross country, she lettered and earned the coaches award.

Caitlin attends St. Ambrose Church where she has been in the youth group since 7th grade. She has served as youth leader for the group for two years. Caitlin has volunteered with the youth group in various activities helping the elderly and less fortunate in our community.

Caitlin has also involved herself by being a member of the Key Club, Spanish Club, and Pep Club. Most importantly, she is a member of the National Honors Society.

There is no doubt that Caitlin has achieved a high level of success throughout her High School career. I know with her strong will and determination, that she is headed in the right direction to becoming a well rounded, good hearted adult. I look forward to seeing what happens next in her life and she deserves to have a Rockin' Prom in 2023!

Haley Anderson - Seymour High School

Haley is a rock star! She has had to overcome several medical issues in her 4 years of high school, including 3 major surgeries. Through all of this she has maintained a high GPA, participated in multiple school musicals and plays, as well as participated in sports. She has high aspirations for the future by bringing more mental health services for children and adolescents to the Seymour area. She has held the same job since she turned 16, and plans to work full time this summer. She deserves an amazing prom experience.

Alexia Rieckers - Seymour High School

She has accomplished so much this year. She got her CNA license through school. Works at Hoosier Christian village. Plays softball year round. Is signed to play softball at IUPUC next year where she will study to be a nurse. She is a very happy, positive, and uplifting person who would be very grateful.

Landon Fritsch - Seymour High School

Landon is a kind and considerate young man. He is a perfect gentleman with his manners and shows kindness and respect to everyone. Landon is very disciplined and works hard in the classroom and on the basketball court. He is a mentor to the younger student-athletes and shows compassion to those that are struggling. He is a wonderful leader and deserves to be recognized. I'm sure he and his beautiful date would love to ROCK the prom and would do very well to represent Radio 96.3 WJAA.

(This nomination was not submitted by a family member, but by another parent that has first hand witnessed Landon's growth and encouragement throughout his high school career. A genuine fine young man, this one is!) 

Shaina Neeley - Browntown Central High School

Shaina is a great friend, always there to listen to anything you need. She will just sit there and listen to anyone talk for hours. Anyone that needs a shoulder to cry, she is there. Even though not many people know her she is a memorable person and all her teachers loved her. She is a hard worker that always gets done what you need. She deserves this because I know how hard she works and how much she worries about money and trying to figure everything out.

Molly Nicholson - Brownstown Central High School

They have earned the opportunity to graduate a whole year early. She has always been kind to others. She makes honor roll every trimester and shows much responsibility. All adults and teachers I have talked to seem to really enjoy being in the presence of Molly. She is an outstanding individual. I believe she deserves recognition.

Molly Nicholson - Brownstown Central High School

Molly is a Junior at Brownstown High School and is graduating a year early! She graduates in May as a Junior after completing all her mandated credits. Molly will also have some college credits by the time she graduates. She will be attending Vincennes University next year. Very proud of her!

Kendall Allman - Seymour High School

Kendall deserves this for so many reason. She goes to school, then to softball practice and then to work at the Lutheran Community Home. She is also working at Kovernors Korner when it opens.

She has had some hard times the past two years and now it is time to look at her last prom, graduation and then to college. Kendall has sacrificed so much throughout her life and it will start to pay off soon. She has given up going on vacations, Friday night games, hanging out with friends and so much more. She did this because she had a dream to play ball in college- which has finally come true! Practice and lessons came first to Kendall.

She also did this because her twin sister has Angelman Syndrome (AS). Kendall's twin sister started her passion in medical care and her sacrifices are paying off. Everyone is so extremely proud of Kendall, and deserves to have a memorable last prom!

Bailey Tabeling - Trinity Lutheran

Bailey has worked hard during her 4 years of high school. She has been in National Honor Society while being a three sport athlete all 4 years. Being able to play three sports and maintain a high GPA is hard to do these days.

She is a very kind, loving, and funny person. She try's to make sure everyone feels welcome. I just want her to be able to enjoy her senior prom with all her friends.

Phoebe Skidmore - Seymour High School

Phoebe is an outstanding student. She excels in the classroom maintaining a 4.0 GPA while working part time to save money for her college education.

Olivia Delph - School Not Provided

Olivia is a junior who is graduating early because she has a lot going on in life and she is pushing through and getting all straight a's and and she also works and runs track so she is a busy girl she is saving for college and this would help her save money so she can put it towards college. shes going to college for business finance so she can become a accountant.

Aryana Bishop - Seymour High School

Aryana is my son's girlfriend, but more than that, she's family. We met Aryana 3 years ago when she and Kadin became friends through mutual friends. Admirable is the word that comes to mind when I think of her. She has been through much in her life and has found positive ways to handle all that life has thrown at her. She dedicates herself to everything that she is a part of. She was active in dance for many years as well as the band and is a beacon of light when on stage and in the stands. Aryana has been active with Girls, Inc and the National Honor Society. Currently, she is a senior at Seymour and while maintaining an impressive A average, she also works at Starbucks. Besides being a super active and successful student, Aryana is just a good person. While our son is away for the military, she has continued to be a friend to his sisters, even taking them to and from school often. Aryana is full of hope, honest, supportive, and just a great young woman. She works hard for everything and it would be nice for the girl that supports all others, to have a little pampering herself.

Brooklynn Osborne - Seymour High School

She is a good student that has been through a lot. She also cant afford to get a spray tan for prom. Please pick her she is amazing!

Amaranta Fish - Brownstown Central High School

If I had to choose anyone to win the WJAA Rock Your Prom it would be Amaranta Fish. Amy is a first-generation immigrant from the Netherlands she stays the whole week helping out the local Salt Creek Sundancers during their week-long Sun Dance ceremony. Amy is going to Indiana University in Bloomington to be a Kindergarten teacher so she can help teach future generations. Amy is extremely helpful and hard-working doing whatever it takes to achieve her goals. Amy is in her second year of National Honors Society and has done well over 10 hours of volunteer work to achieve it. She worked at the Hoosier Christian Village for two years and got her CNA license so she could help out more. Amy is an extremely kind and caring person who will do anything to help out another person and is well deserving of recognition.

Landon Fritsch - Seymour High School

He is smart and handsome.

Phoebe Skidmore - Seymour High School

This woman is so beautiful.

Samantha Carter - Seymour High School

I think Samantha is very deserving to be treated like a princess on Prom night! Her father and I have enjoyed watching her grow into a beautiful young lady. She has maintained her faith in God, even when the world around her was heavy! She has maintained High Honor Roll through Middle & High School while working 2 jobs & has received a Full Scholarship to Hanover College in the fall where she will be pursuing a career in Physical Therapy.

My baby girl is so kind & loving and whether she wins this nomination or not- she’s always a WINNER in our eyes!

Kensley Koester - Seymour High School

Kensley is a very outgoing smart girl, she is a senior at Seymour High School and loves all things prom. This package screams her name!

Kensley Koester - Seymour High School

Kensley is a very hardworking Senior who is a member of the National Honors Society (NHS) and on track to graduate with honors! She is actively involved in the community (volunteering at the Hospital and other places) and prioritizes academics and family. Kensley is loved by all and truly is one of a kind - she will always help others before herself. Kensley determines to be recognized for her talents, involvement, and hardwork through her academics, community involvement and love she shows others.

Kensley Koester - Seymour High School

Kensley is a beautiful, sweet young lady.  She is an honor student. Kensley excels at everything she sets her mind to. She's a hard worker and trainer at her job.  She's an asset.  I love her smile and willingness to help.  Shev does volunteer and fundraiser work.  Kensley is just an all around talented young lady who anyone would be blessed to meet.

Lynnzie Miller - Brownstown High School

She is hard working and kind to everyone. She trys to help anyone who may need it. She is talented and intelligent and an all around great person to be around.

Kensley Koester - Seymour High School

Kensley is a very hardworking Senior who is a member of the National Honors Society (NHS) and on track to graduate with honors! She is actively involved in the community (volunteering at the Hospital and other places) and prioritizes academics and family. Kensley is loved by all and truly is one of a kind - she will always help others before herself. Kensley determines to be recognized for her talents, involvement, and hardwork through her academics, community involvement and love she shows others.

Lucy Cobb - Seymour High School

Lucy is a very talented young women! she plays piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, drums, clarinet, saxophone, and sings which is all self taught, she has never had lessons. It has not been easy over the last 15 years after her father passed away when she was just 2! I feel as though she deserves to feel like a princess and be pampered for one day before venturing off to college. She is a very kind and loving person, and goes out her way to help those in need.

Kensley Koester - Seymour High School

This young lady is absolutely one of a kind young woman! She lost her daddy at a young age to cancer. She is an honor roll student and helps out in any way with charity dances for cancer and research!

Eian Henderson - Seymour High School

Eian is just awesome. He's so friendly to everyone he crosses paths with and always knows how to put a genuine smile on their face. He makes the most of every situation and is overall really down to earth and cool. He is also pretty awesome and nice as well.

Samantha Clark - Seymour High School

Samantha Carter is an amazing student and friend! She always seeks to do what is right and has a contagious joy for life. She is the most hardworking, self-motivated person I know and is very involved in school activities and in her church. She’s so encouraging and kind to everyone she meets. Samantha is a natural leader and inspires me to stay active in my faith and in my community. Her leadership in SHS’s Fellowship of Christian Students is what I admire most about her. She steps up when things are hard and leads with grace and ambition. She holds on to her values and beliefs, and is often the first one to do the right thing. She is always doing things for others and naturally makes the things and people around her better. She is intentional with her kindness and friendship, reaching out to others and making them feel seen. I am so grateful for her patience and fun-loving spirit that encourages me whenever I’m around her. Being around her always fills me up and makes me grateful that I know her.

 Aleigha Zike - Seymour High School

 Aleigha is a good friend of mine! She is a really smart, kind, and loving person. She is going to further her education at ball state university where i'm sure she will succeede with flying colors! She deserves to be recognized because of the person she is despite the obsticles she has had to tackle. Love this girl to pieces! She is the best!

Aleigha Zike - Seymour High School

Aleigha deserves recognition for graduating a year early and to be putting in all the hard work and effort to Graduate a year early with High Academic honors. She's worked her butt off to be able to graduate and will be attending Ball State in fall living on Campus..... in fall of 2023 she deserves this.

Aleigha, has worked so hard and is friends with everyone and is such a king loving young lady. To be graduating a year early with high academic honors and going to Ball State in the fall, she is very well deserved of this.

She works so hard going to school full time, graduating a year early with high academic honors. Aleigha, is so funny and loving to everyone and has so much human potential. She is very much deserving of this.

Hard work and determination and dedication is why she is so deserving of this.

She has worked so so hard for everything she has done to graduate a year early with high academic honors. Going to ball state this fall to further her education as a teacher. I nominate, Aleigha Zike for this because of her personality, helping others all the time and being the person she is. She is more then deserving for this due to hard work alone to get where she is. She needs a good pamper day! She's due for one.

Ms. Zike has achieved success in high school by working hard. She has taken all AP courses and is graduating a year early. She has been accepted at Ball State University where she will be a education major. Aleigha has had several obstacles in her young life and has grown through dealing with those challenges.

Aleigha deserves this pampering day for prom because of her hard work and dedication and determination! Leaving to go to  Ball state in fall to further her education. She has been thru so many obstacles in life and has overcome and achieved so many. She's always willing to help everyone and go above and beyond. She deserves to be pampered to ROCK THIS PROM RIGHT

Aleigha Zike has excelled at SHS taking mostly AP courses. She is graduating a full year in advance due to her hard work. She has been accepted at Ball State University this fall where she plans on majoring in Education. She is very deserving of winning this contest !

Hard worker in everything she does! Applies herself and goes above and beyond in everything... She's been working hard for many yrs now and doesn't quit. She keeps going no matter what.

Ms. Zike has chosen to work hard all thru her Hugh school days and take college classes to graduate a year early with High Academic Honors. She works after school at Jay C food store and gives her all. She's one of the most beautiful young ladies with a heart of gold. She deserves a good day of pampering for all her hard work , dedication and would be grateful for it.

Ms. Zike has taking a lot of College courses Ap all thru her high school yrs to graduate a year early with High Academic Honors, she non stop works and has one of the biggest hearts I know of and goes out of her way to help so many people And puts herself last. Always working and always willing to help that hand out to anyone . Very deserving of this pampering day!

Aleigha works hard and plays hard! That's her motto in life . Hard work pays off! She definitely deserves this pampering day! That young lady has a heart of Gold! Shines in everything she does.

Hard work and dedication is her Name! All she does is work work and work! She's very deserving of this pampering day! She has most definitely succeeded and applied herself all thru her high school Yrs and hasn't stopped and is still working hard to better herself with college coming up in Fall. Graduating a year early with High Academic Honors, says it all!!!!

Aleigha deserves this pampering day for prom Because all she does is work , work work! She doesn't take Vacations when all her friends are in Florida she's working a job and preparing herself to go to college. She's worked hard taking Ap college classes since 8th grade. And hasn't stopped working. She's good hearted soul and is friends with everyone and goes above and beyond. She puts herself last all the time . She doesn't complain and is always a happy go lucky young lady. This is her senior year and she's preparing herself for College in fall to further her Education. She definitely deserves a day of pampering for Prom so she can Shimmer)

HARD WORKER!!!!!! Never quits! Always keeps going and going no matter what is thrown at her. She's very deserving of this beautiful package day for Rock the Prom!

She's one of the most hard working young ladies around I know.. Works non stop and has achieved college classes in High school and graduating a year early to go to college in fall. She strives hard for good grades and doesn’t settle for less then she deserves. She definitely deserves a day of pampering for her Senior prom!! Well, deserved is her name!! Hard worker!

Aleigha is graduating with honors a year early. She's moving into Ball State in August to start classes

This young lady is headed off to Ball State University next year! She's a honors student graduating a year early due to her hard work!

Such a beautiful, caring, giving young lady. She has achieved and accomplished so much in her high school days. She's preparing herself now for college in Fall at Ball State and she just doesn't stop working hard, ever! She’s very deserving of this nice package award ….

She's so beautiful inside and out! Always willing to help anyone she can. She's one of the biggest givers ever to anyone always trying to make someone's day brighter for them

Aleigha strives hard in everything she does to make sure she keeps her grades up and honor roll and High Academic Honors to Graduate a year early. She's already been accepted to Ball State for fall of 2023. She is definitely deserving of a beautiful day of pampering to slow down and enjoy her Senior Prom!!

She's always a positive happy hard working young lady who keeps going and going and is determined to make something out of herself

She's dedicated to her schooling and grades and always makes honor roll and Is in High Academic Honors soon to graduate this June and off to college in fall of 2023 all she has done is work work work on everything to better herself for a bright future

She deserves recognition because she's definitely made the sacrifices to get where she is with her hard work ethics

Don't quit anything she does" always keeps going

Beautiful, giving, compassionate, hardworking young lady

Math Genius! Brains whole package beautiful and smart

She's always putting people above herself first and works hard at everything she does

Hard worker

She's deserving due to her hard work and dedication and time she's put in. Her whole high school has been work work

Talent Beautiful and smart, always applies herself to work hard in everything she does

Hard working young lady and goes above and beyond

Smart, funny, hard working and full of fun and delightful to be around. Always going the extra mile to help others always working hard on something takes pride in her schoolwork very smart young lady

As a teacher, I have know this girl for several years. She's a hard worker, energetic and focused on making something out of her life!

Beautiful young lady who is very deserving due to her hard work ethics in life she's accomplishing

As a teacher, I have know this girl for several years. She's a hard worker, energetic and focused on making something out of her life!

Aleigha is going to Ball State University to study education. She is graduating a full year early due to an abundance of AP classes. She's a compassionate girl who has a strong work ethic!

Hard worker and achiever and takes pride in all she does!

This young lady works hard in everything she does, always putting her grades as a top priority and her work also . There isn't anything she wouldn't do to help someone if she could. She always is smiling and goes above and beyond.

She has worked so hard so long and all these yrs to get to graduate a year early With High Academic Honors is such a huge accomplishment and achievement!

She has definitely worked hard no doubt about it and doesn't take time for herself to ever get pampered. She would be so thankful and appreciative of a day like this to be recognized

I been in class with aleigha a long time and she is so funny, caring and helps others. She's so smart and so good at so many things and never gives herself enough credit for her ability.. she deserves this more then anyone I know of for her Senior year to be recognized

Beauty&Brains talent and can be anything she wants to be. Definitely a hard worker on everything she does

Hard working, Graduation in June a year early and College in fall of 2023 . Graduation a year early is a HUGE deal!

Smart, beautiful, funny, outgoing and pleasant to be around. Deserves recognition for her hard work she's done all these yrs and continues too keep on working! She deserves a nice recognition to rock the prom!!

She is so beautiful inside and out

Beautiful and so outgoing and always courteous of others

She's deserving of recognition because she's one of the strongest young ladies and hard working gals I know

Beautiful & Hard working doesn't stop and keeps going always always willing to help other people

Graduating a year early with High academic honors says everything.

She appreciates anything that is done for her and is grateful and would be grateful to have a nice pampering day for her Senior Prom!

She's always so pretty and so happy even when her world is turned upside down it seems she makes the best out of everything thrown at her . Works hard and has accomplished so much. She's definitely deserving of a pamper day for her Senior Prom!

Beautiful as can be!

Graduating a year early with High Academic Honors and going to College in fall at Ball State

This young lady grew up in a broken home where her single mother was her only support. She worked hard made good grades and will graduate a year early. Headed to college this Fall.

Hard working on everything she does and doesn't quit

Aleigha is an amazing example of how hard work and dedication can better someone's life. She is graduating a year early with Acedemic Honors and plans on attending Ball State University this fall. This young lady has overcome many obstacles in her life but has always picked herself back up and kept right on going. We could not be more proud of her and all her accomplishments. She is beautiful inside and out and is someone who would grately appreciate this prom package. We love you Aleigha💞...Uncle Ron and Aunt Lisa

Aleigha is very caring, generous and goes above and beyond for people. She's worked so hard since 8th grade to be in High honor roll and graduate with High Academic Honors and continuing her education at Ball state this fall of 2023. She's very deserving to be Recognized

Strong, beautiful, talented young lady who will go far in life! Doesn't give up and doesn't quit no matter what

Aleigha, deserves recognition due to her hard work and dedication thru her school yrs. She's amazing young lady and would definitely be grateful to win a nice package to Rock Prom! She just keeps going and going no matter what happens and obstacles been thrown her ways she picks herself up like nothing ever happened with a smile! She's very deserving of this nice package.

Hard working and a beautiful soul 💕inside and out

Graduating a year early is a huge accomplishment and achievement with High Academic Honors. She's continuing her Education at Ball State this year and is working after school a job to save money for College. She's very deserving of being recognized. ROCK THIS PROM ALEIGHA!!

 Ahe has worked really hard at school thanks to her mother, with no help from her father. It is very hard for a child to make grades like that with just one parent to be graduating a year early with high academic honors, she is very deserving of this prom package

This young lady is an outstanding student. She is going to college at ball state. She plans on becoming an educator I believe Aleigha Zike deserves to rock her prom in style.

This young lady is very deserving of this Rock your Prom! Hard worker, has had to work hard to get what she has. Comes from a single-mom environment with zero father involvement.

Hard work and determination to get somewhere in life. She's worked so hard to get where she is and helps everyone she can. Shes deserving of recognition for sure

This young lady grew up in a broken home where her single mother was her only support. She worked hard made good grades and will graduate a year early. Headed to college this Fall.

Aleigha Mae Zike is a young lady graduating a year early from high school due to her academic success. She will be attending BSU in the Fall to continue her studies.

Aleigha has strive and accomplished so much in high school , she is graduating early with honors . She is going to college in the fall to continue her studies and become a teacher. She has strive above and beyond to succeed and have a great future for herself.

Aleigha is a super nice an friendly girl who has worked hard to achieve her goals to ensure a bright future.

Aleigha,i have known many yrs and consider her like one of my own children.Aleigha, comes and helps me as i am disabled and get g
Flared up. Most teenagers dont wanna give up their weekends to wanna help disabled.That is why Aleigha is deserving of being nominated and winning this contest.

Aleigha, volunteers time on weekends to help others and volunteers at Anchor house as well to help give food to community. Not much this young lady hasn't done in her past 4 yrs of her schooling. Working after school at a job to save money for college as well. Notning has been handed easy for her that's for sure . I nominate, Aleigha because she has so many achievements to list... been in many sports from Swimming, track and cheer team as well. High achieving and High Academic Honors is a major thing for any child to accomplish and achieve.

I've known this girl for years. Super intelligent, live wire, cares about others. I believe she should win this contest.

Aleigha is very smart, friendly and dependable she works hard to accomplish her goals she deserves so much.

Aleigha is a caring person who goes above an beyond to put others before herself.

Aleigha is a great person, she gives her all to friends coworkers an everyone who knows her.

Aleigha is an outstanding girl who gives things her all for evy1.

Aleigha is an amazing person with great dreams an goals for her future.

Aleigha is a go getter who works hard to achieve her goals.

Aleigha has worked hard to overcome obstacles to graduate 1 year early with honors and plans to continue her education to become a teacher.

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