Seattle Seahawks

    12 russell wilson seattle seahawks - biggest nfl draft steals


Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots at 6:30 p.m. January 20th ...

England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele ...

Brandon F.

Pats 31  Hawks 27

Larry P.

Pats 34  Hawks 24

James H.

Pats 24  Hawks 27

Brad P.

Pats 3  Hawks 14

Dave W.

Pats 28  Hawks 31

Perry M.

Pats 16  Hawks 24

Jeremy W.

Pats 39  Hawks 21

Jane C.

Pats 21 Hawks 25

Nigel M.

Pats 30  Hawks 27

Jay C.

Pats 31  Hawks 34

Dan. J.

Pats 20  Hawks 34

Ted. H.

Pats 24  Hawks 13

Elliot D.

Pats 30  Hawks 40

Jennifer C.

Pats 17  Hawks 12

Brandon R.

Pats 27  Hawks 23

Cheri M.

Pats 28  Hawks 27

James B.

Pats 21  Hawks 28


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Stephanie W.

Pats 10  Hawks 17

Joey K.

Pats 24  Hawks 17

Alex B.

Pats 17  Hawks 34

Dale H.

Pats 28  Hawks 35

Scott W.

Pats 12  Hawks 19

Susan H.

Pats 35  Hawks 33

Duane R.

Pats 24  Hawks 27

Nick B.

Pats 24  Hawks 28

Jim Plump Prediction-Not in Competition

Seahawks 28  Patriots 24