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Voting continues until midnight May 5.

Your friends, family, neighbors and

sympathetic home owners will

vote to decide the winner May 6.



1) Steve & Barb Westerfield - We recently moved to Seymour and we acquired: 1) A yard that is embarrassing to look at; 2) it's in disarray;3) and it's ugly.So, "Please Help My Yard".
2) Jamie Turner -My backyard has so many bare spots & holes. I would love to have a nice green lawn for our 3 kids to play in. Could also use weed-eating, which we don't have. Please help in turning our yard into a summer time oasis! :) Thank you!
3) Shelly Zeigler - I purchased the home last summer. It had not seen any 'love' for 10-15 years. I have enlisted the help of others (my dad and brother) but they always seem to be 'busy'. Lol. Can you believe that??? I have cut down trees and shrubs that engulfed the house and removed part of a chain link fence to put up a privacy fence. I love the outdoors and often eat breakfasts and dinners on the patio with my kids. It would be great to have a space that we could enjoy and allow the dog to run and play in. Between full time work (lack of time) and a full time college student (lack of money) I would greatly appreciate any help! It's a cute house in a cute neighborhood except for my yard!
4) Amanda Dixon - Help me !!!!!! I just need a little bit of love and flower thank you for your help!!!!!
5) Chris Gray - We moved into this house after losing our home after my parents passed away. When we moved, it was during fall, so our yard was yard to visualize or tell what was needed. Now that our first spring has come, we see the amount of work that needs to be done and no financing to do it now that we have the house payment. We are very proud of our home and proud to call it our own. I've always been very particular about my yard and it's hard to look outside or drive up and know I can't do anything to make it look better. I want to be able to take as much pride in my lawn as I do in our home. Can you please help us?
6) Alicia Couch - There is almost no shade,the ground is uneven,ground moles have it infested,tunnels everywhere,the fence is leaning and no place to sit.
7) David McKain - Help make my yard great again! As you can see, my yard could use some TLC! I have a flower bed that has never seen flowers, but is overgrown by weeds. My bushes have never been trimmed and reek of cat urine! The side of the house rarely gets weedeated. And I have enough Dandelions in my yard to make enough dandelion wine for all of Seymour! And how about that hand me down 1984 Snapper I mow with!! But seriously, I live right across from the war memorial at Geiser Park, lets make my yard respectable for all to see. Thanks!
8) Carolyn Canaday - My yard is boring. I don't have a lot of time to spend on it. It needs some BLING!
9) Clint Jackson - There is a lot of area here that needs attention. Flowerbeds, fire pit areas, walkways, driveway, the list goes on and on. Thanks for your consideration of our yard for the makeover. Great contest once again!
10) Marty Hubbard - For years I have tried to make improvements in the appearance of the yard with no success. I have no help, and in the spring if I can't get the weeds under control, things start accumulating and before you know, I will have mounds of stuff that grow up in weeds. My time is spent entertaining my children, maintaining emergency home repairs, visiting elderly mom 6 hours away, and her sickly mom in Louisville. I have owned this house for 16 years. Built a garage 15 years ago, still unfinished. A shed 7yrs ago, still unfinished, and boxed in the carport, still unfinished. Not to mention the pool deck, still unfinished.
All I want is to be able to sit outside and enjoy the clouds, a cool breeze. Or sit outside by a small fire at night and enjoy the moon and stars here in God's country. I would like to not have to worry about what I should be doing instead of riding a bike with kids.
My yard is a wreck and I could use this opportunity to regain the strength and vision I use to have when I bought my house and actually kissed the front yard that day. My pole barn was to be a game and family fun room. It almost was. It has a pool table, it needs help. My backyard was to be fenced in and made cozy for weekend guests, they party out front..... A no-no in my book.
Last year my neighbors complained to the zoning board about my yard and I got some pictures and a nice and polite clean up your yard letter. So it's evident I need this . Please help, I getting to old to do it alone. Thanks Marty
11) Steph Miller - We lost our son a year ago due to a car accident so our garden beds are taking over. We would just like some good luck for once and have sosmthing pretty to look at again.
12) Lori McDonald - Well... It's got grass, but half the shrubs are dead and it just needs a little more life in it!! 😎 Thanks!
13) Haley & Josh Cable - Ready to bring life to my home in the boulevards.s!