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Her Up-Do from Fantastic Sam's

His Tux Rental from That Special Touch

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Corsage & Boutonniere from Jubilee Flowers

Her/His $50 Visa Debit Cards from JCB

Her/His Eye Exams by Dr. Nate Optometrist

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Dinner for two at

  El Nopal Mexican

Radio 96.3 Coolbus Prom Night Limousine



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Rock My Seymour Prom

Winning Prizes on Radio 96.3

Congratulations to SHS Class of 2015 Winner

Keegan Bowman

1. Bobby Kaufman

Plans to attend University of Indianapolis for a business degree in accounting. He played football for 3 years

He is playing his 4th year of baseball. He went on 4 mission trips with his church's youth group. Fun fact: from the ages of 3 to 10 he broke 7 bones. Fun fact #2: the letter sweater he is wearing in this picture is his Dad's.

2. Samantha Silver

She plays the oboe for the New World Youth Symphony Orchestra in Indianapolis. She coaches gymnastics at the Seymour Gymnastics Center. Plans to attend Butler University to study elementary education this next fall. Have a good day. :)

3. Mazie Caudill

Mazie is a God-fearing, kind hearted, funny young lady. She Loves everyone. Above all God & her family! She is in National Honor Society, FCA, Redeemer Lutheran Church active in church and youth member with numerous servant event participation.  Latin Club. Played Basketball 4yrs, Soccer and Track one year.  She plans to attend IUPUI in the fall and study education/communications. 

Mazie is reusing a dress she got second hand because she wants to save for college!

4. Marley Vehslage

Accomplishments: Marley is an avid volunteer for Schneck Medical Center, Girls Inc., and the Hoosier Christian Village as a pet visitor.  She is a Seymour Scholar, has a near-perfect GPA, plays Varsity tennis, is a D.A.R.E. role model for the youth of Seymour, is a member of the National Honor Society, has great hair, is a member of the SHS Wind Ensemble, and has a fantastic personality.
Future Plans: She plans to attend IUPUI for Biology and wishes to enter the medical field.
Fun Fact: She raises sheep and has trained her Golden Retriever named Libby in ob


5. Nicole Thompson

Nicole worked very hard her Senior year and earned her CNA license and is now employed with Lutheran Community Home. She accomplished this while still maintaining her grades, being on the cheer team and working as a coach at Girls Inc.  She loves helping people and is attending Indiana State University in the fall to further her career in nursing. She wants to specialize in neonatal care or psychology. A Fun Fact about Nicole is she loves Beyonce, so much so she named her car Sasha Fierce after one of her album titles.

6. Harsh Patel

Accomplishments: Full ride to IU for biochemistry, Seymour Scholar, Dean's scholarship winner, Trombone section leader, Indian, has successfully figured out how to define string theory and Hawking radiation by reading several books on the matter, admitted into the Hutton Honors College, IMEA All-State Honor Band, Chancellor's scholarship winner, and has been dubbed the Indian Prince of Promposals. (Fun fact) Harsh knows 2(Pi) to more

than 60 decimal places.

7. Keegan Bowman

Accomplishments: State qualifier for cross country (as a team) his freshman year and D.A.R.E. role model. 

Future plans: Attend college major in elementary education and minor in criminal justice.

 Fun fact: always starts his day off with music.

8. Noah Newton

Noah plans to attend IU Bloomington to study criminal justice. He hopes (upon becoming eligible) to be accepted into the campus police officer program. Fellow classmates attending IU could see Noah patrolling campus in a couple of years. Noah is a second degree black belt in tae kwon do. He likes music. Skillet and Toby Mac are a couple of his favorites. He enjoys WWII history and George Lucas films. Ask him a trivia question about WWII or Star Wars. He will probably know the answer.

9. Quenton Stoner 

Special Accomplishments: Quenton is a 4 year basketball player for Seymour High School and played varsity for 3 years. Not only is he involved in sports, he is also in Seymour High School Band's drum line and enjoys playing for them. Quenton also has is own mowing business which he started when he was 15. Mr. Stoner was also selected prom king last year.

Plans for the future- Quenton plans to attend IUPUC for engineering in hopes to one day work for Cummings

A fun fact-Quenton loves to hunt and fish with both of his grandpas and his dad, he loves to spend time with his family and his girlfriend, Macy and his favorite color is camo!

10. Napoleon Dynamite

Special Accomplishments: Computer hacking skills, nunchuck skills, does whatever he feels like, hunts wolverines in Alaska, LOVES to eat tots & knows how to cut the rug thanks to Darrin's Dance Grooves.